About Us

It was a stormy night when Eetvartti was born. The sky was crying in the wee hours of the night when Eetvartti greeted his maker for the first time. The maker, an alien named Fred (Fred preferred to be called Lana), gazed upon her creation with pride and full of emotion her complicated organ of the nervous system known to human entities as the brain registered as love. This was the first time Lana registered this emotion. She smiled and so did Eetvartti.

The angel bat that actually gave birth to Eetvartti was like a mother to him. Sadly, she didn’t survive the complications caused by the delivery.

Although missing his birth mother, Eetvartti had a good childhood. Since Lana was a very busy Creator (MD, PhD) and couldn’t always be around since she was creating away other entities (during her college year she specialized in Creating Silly Things) Eetvartti was raised by ancient triangles from the future and dry twigs. Having hot pink flamingos around didn’t hurt either. They would babysit little Eetvartti when the ancient triangles from the future and the dry twigs would spend quality time together.

Since a little boy, Eetvartti loved taking photos and filming home videos. With his best friends, Kontio and Ikitiera they would film little home video mood pieces. Kontio was a big and highly sexual gorilla and Ikitiera was a gentle and a wise soul inhabiting a tall and slender body of meat.

Because of some of his physical attributes (and possibly because of his somewhat grim mood piece home videos), Eetvartti was from time to time misunderstood as a monstrous and evil being. His face was long and whiter than marble basking in the sunlight reflected from pure, untouched snow. He only had one tooth and his tongue was constantly hanging from his mouth. His eyebrows were permanently settled in to a position most entities would define as expressing wickedness and mischief. No matter where or under what situation you met Eetvartti, he was always smiling that slightly devilish but good-natured smile. A smile filled with good intentions. A smile so pure, it would fill anyone with joy just as pure as was his one toothed smile. Except it didn’t since a notable portion of the entities that laid eyes on Eetvartti shivered in wonder and found his presence and appearance uncomfortable.

Despite this Eetvartti, with his best friends, did what he loved. Because his birth mother and his maker Lana hadn’t gave her any, Eetvartti couldn’t give a flying fuck about other people’s negative opinions.

Fabric made in Finland.
Hoodies and art handmade in Jyväskylä, Finland.